The Ultimate Cognac: Centuries of Experience

The Ultimate Cognac: Centuries of Experience

Compared to some of their rivals, Remy Martin may lack incorporate muscle, but they make up for it with nearly 300 years to learn from. Founder Rémy Martin, born in 1695 near Rouillac, a winegrower by trade created a trading house of cognac in 1724. He built a successful business that after his death in 1773, his grandson, also named Rémy, continued in that line. A formidable line that survived World War II, Remy Martin quickly became the Cognac pride of France.

Made with Integrity and Exclusivity

What sets Remy Martin apart is its insistence on only using eaux-de-vie from grapes grown exclusively in the top two Cognac regions: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. French for “water of life,” eau-de-vie is historically significant to European drinking culture. Eaux-de-vie is brandies made with any fruit apart from grapes. Thanks to chalky soils, these eaux-de-vie have a great ageing potential and a particular aromatic intensity while preserving the integrity of the fruit character. Rémy Martin prides itself on making cognacs that have aged between 10 and 37 years, while other brands have a standard of six years. This means every sip of this cognac, is the intake of art created within the past 3 decades.

Strength Defined by their Emblem

The Remy Martin brand is renowned for its special logo – a centaur, a mythological creature whose star sign Sagittarius matched that of Martin, the grandson of the founder. The centaur has graced the label of this famous Cognac since 1870 as it’s a brand with its feet firmly on the ground and its head in the sky. With roots in the biggest cognac houses of France, Remy Martin grew and branched out to be one of the world’s finest cognacs of the best quality. There’s no lack of anything but more to experience for yourself. Sip more, feel more with Remy Martin.